WHAT IS Etalon.ai?

Etalon.ai allows to automate the quality monitoring on assembly lines.

Technology implementation can positively affect the accuracy and speed of quality assessment process leading to a significant increase in yield and productivity.


AI can be more accurate than a human.

Self-learning system reduces inaccuracy to a minimum.

AI can do more than a human.

The system scales well and it’s functionality can be expanded.

AI can be better than a human.

Our solution removes 'human factors' and reduces payroll costs.


Etalon.ai is most effective in those areas where the visual inspection of the product is vital and where there are no strict technical criteria of quality assessment.

Meat industry

Vegetable processing industry

Fish industry


Real time monitoring 24/7.

Visual inspection and of quality assessment at all stages.

Convenient personal user interface.

Instant messengers and internal systems notifications.

A constant improvement of the efficiency.

Learning to assess unit quality from trained staff, and then improves their own algorithms.

Reliability and fault-tolerance.

All the benefits of cloud technology to ensure constant smooth operation.


Reckoner meets all modern safety standards and is protected from external attacks.


The system can be fully deployed and configured in 1-2 weeks.

Etalon.ai visually inspects each product unit. During the launch phase, the operator teaches the system to correctly estimate the quality. Then Etalon.ai increases the accuracy with self-training.

Etalon.ai uses a set of high-definition cameras and the processing module of the video analytics.

The first step is to determine which features to implement, choose a research methodology and to accomplish an initial audit.

The cost of the system depends on the number and size of the installation points, the complexity and required functionality. Contact us for calculation.