WHAT IS Direktiva.ai?

Direktiva.ai is a self-development system of the Connectome.AI that extends the capabilities of traditional surveillance systems. It based on machine learning technology and allows to monitor the implementation correctness of regulated operations.

Direktiva.ai could be integrated with existing enterprise data and systems: access control, video surveillance etc. It could also replace them in particular cases!


Employee identify protection and access control

Personnel monitoring system

Evaluation of the implementation of instructions

Suspicious behavior and negligence reporting

Detailed statistics in the web interface

Video storage for further analysis


Farming sector:

Sanitary inspection, poultry houses, barns, shops

Financial companies:

Depositories, safe rooms, cash rooms, common space

Retail companies:

Shopping facilities, warehouses, cash area, butcher shops

Health care facilities:

Medical offices, treatment rooms, decontamination stations, CAT

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