WHAT IS Direktiva.ai?

Direktiva.ai is a self-development system of the Connectome.AI that extends the capabilities of traditional surveillance systems. It based on machine learning technology and allows to monitor the implementation correctness of regulated operations.

Direktiva.ai could be integrated with existing enterprise data and systems: access control, video surveillance etc. It could also replace them in particular cases!


Employee identify protection and access control

Personnel monitoring system

Evaluation of the implementation of instructions

Suspicious behavior and negligence reporting

Detailed statistics in the web interface

Video storage for further analysis


Optimization of people flow where the certain course of action is required.

The improvement of discipline and hygiene due to the implementation of intelligent control systems.

The reduction in the number of cases of negligence, theft and improper execution of instructions.

Increase in revenue by finding and eliminating the weak points in the production process.


Farming sector:

Sanitary inspection, poultry houses, barns, shops

Financial companies:

Depositories, safe rooms, cash rooms, common space

Retail companies:

Shopping facilities, warehouses, cash area, butcher shops

Health care facilities:

Medical offices, treatment rooms, decontamination stations, CAT

How it works?


Yes, Reckoner can be integrated into your current video surveillance system, if it meets the technical requirements.

A list of recognized operations depends on which object the system is installed. For example, in the sanitary inspection rooms, the system:

• recognizes the face of the employee;

• checks whether the soap was used;

• determines handwashing time;

• checks the application of a disinfectant agent;

• authenticates the person on the turnstile;

• opens the turnstile, if all actions have been performed correctly.

Direktiva.ai uses a set of high-definition cameras, set of controlled modules and the processing module of the video analytics.

The system can be fully deployed and configured in 1-2 weeks.

The cost of the system depends on the number and size of the installation points, the complexity and required functionality. Contact us for calculation.