- Authentication of employees and control of access to an enterprise
- Monitoring staff actions in real time
- Assessment of compliance with instructions and schedule
- Notifications of suspicious activity or sloppy work
- Displaying detailed statistics in your personal account
- Storing video of key events for further analysis system provides two product solutions, “Decontamination Center” and “Regulations Compliance Monitoring”. Details are as follows.

“Decontamination Center” is a solution for monitoring employees hand hygiene at the workplace. This is a system of face identification and sanitary recognition of actions by means of which no microbe can penetrate an enterprise. If an employee has not completed a set of actions established by regulations, the system will not let him/her any further. This means that an entrance is blocked and there will be no access to a facility until all sanitary standards are met. Introducing “Decontamination Center” system you can control washing of hands by employees, speed up the passage of turnstiles, and reduce a risk of infections and transfer of bacteria to a manufacturing facility.
“Regulations Compliance Monitoring” is a technology for recognizing individuals and tracking correctness of performance of regulated actions by employees. The artificial intelligence system is able to control entrance to an enterprise and work-schedule of employees, notify about intrusion during off-duty hours. Video-analytics creates a heat map and transmits records to a situational center notifying of violations. Our solution “Regulations Compliance Monitoring” will help you reduce production losses, increase product output and, as a result, get additional profits.
The machine vision systems “Decontamination Center” and “Regulations Compliance Monitoring” can be applied in the following industries:
- Food processing plants
- Livestock complexes
- Catering
- Medicine and pharmaceuticals
- Laboratories

Our solutions are aimed at reducing risks in production and are to become modern tools for coordinated work and successful development of an enterprise.

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